Hazardous Waste Pickup Services

Recycle It Canada has the experience and expertise to profile, segregate, label, and transport your hazardous waste to minimize your risk and liability. 

Our crew and equipment are licensed, certified and insured for hazardous materials recycling. All waste and materials are packaged following all provincial regulations, limiting the generators liability and ensuring that the creationist footprint is more green than ever before.

We offer free on site consultation and risk assessment of any waste created by your business. Through our years of studying the waste industry we've cultivated relationships with all local recyclers and disposal agents to create a service that encompasses your entire waste operation. A true one stop shop.

Why should I use a licensed carrier for my hazardous waste?

All licensed carriers have completed regulations that are required by the Ministry to ensure that proper insurance, safety, and knowledge is in bedded within the company. By using a licensed carrier they assume all liability of transporting and recycling your waste. Using a carrier that isn't licensed opens up your company to the possiblity of future liability.

Household Chemicals

Cleaners, disinfectants, rat poisons, weed killers, pesticides, bleach,  etc.

Industrial waste

Corrosives, oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, medical waste, medical sharps, gasoline, diesel, run-off etc.

Commercial Chemicals

Paint, paint thinners, varnish, laquer, paint strippers, rust removers, etc

Full Service

On site assessments, full documentation, etc.