Safe disposal of waste from airlines, ships, ports of entry, and all commodities regulated by The Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve worked extensively with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and hold a Provincally mandated Transport license for Hazardous and Dangerous goods. We service residential, Commercial, municipal, and international customers


All hazardous waste materials are transported and handled within all provincial and federal regulations.


Our teams of qualified technicians work together with our customers to solve any hazardous waste challenges


Recycle It Teams can keep records of your waste production and bring to light any method changes that can reduce your companys' environmental impact long term.

Our Services

Safe movement within all CFIA, Provincial and Federal Requirements

Certificates following destruction of your product

Tracking and indepth analysis of your waste

Our Process

Analyze your specific waste and the requirements needed to properly dispose of it while following all provincial regulations.

With booking we always have the waste removed at you earliest convenience.

We put together an extensive estimate outlining all disposal requirements.

What Do We Move

  • Cruise Ship & Aircraft Garbage

  • Forfeited Materials 

  • Land, Sea, and Air Port of Entries 

  • Product Recalls

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