Government Services

Government Services

Service Overview

RECYCLE IT CANADA specializes in homeless encampment cleanups and decorative landscaping deterrents to prevent unwanted trespassers from re-establishing unsightly and unsafe encampments on your property. We work closely with government agencies, mental health advocates, local police, bylaw enforcement officers, the media, and even the homeless camp residents, to help ensure encampment cleanup projects are conducted safely and respectfully. Our team of professionals are highly trained in conflict resolution, and in dealing with the proper handling and disposal of potentially infectious hypodermic needles (sharps) and other hazardous items found on site. Call our team of professionals to discuss how we can help with your current homeless camp crisis. We will be happy to develop a plan to best suit your needs.

Our Services and Divisions include:

  • Municipal Contracting
  • Homeless Camp Cleanups
  • Environmental Waste Management Projects

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