Why Choose Us?


Extensive history working with Biohazardous materials.


Provincially mandated license to transport biohazardous materials


Extensively trained team members who follow all safety protocols..

Our Services

Recycle It Canada specialized in medical waste management ensuring compliance while being collected, transported, and disposed of. We handle biohazards such as biomedical waste, sharps, and soiled linens. We focus on safeguarding the environment and protecting peope from risks associated with Biohazards.

Medical Waste

Recycle It Canada specializes in transporting and disposing of sharps in compliance with applicable federal and provincial transport regulations. We offer full service options for container exchange, supporting a variety of healthcare facilities and locations.

Sharps Pick Up

Recycle It Canada aids many local facilities in segregating their medical waste and using properly marked containment systems. All linens are handled, stored, and transported for proper disposal in a manner that will prevent any contamination to the environment, patient and workers health

Soiled Linens

Our Process

An on site assessment will be completed to determine your specific waste needs

Delivery of all containers specifically labeled will be delivered to your location

When the waste is ready to be removed, call our support line to book a preferred time

Our trained staff will arrive with documentation to remove your waste in accordance will all provincial and federal regulations

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